Typographic | Collins Bridge

Collins Bridge is a new super-cool modern eye wear company based in Miami. Two brothers and a sister set out to sell trendy-geek-chic  frames at a reasonable price and charitably refurbish + donate your old pair to families in need. How does it get better than that? This is how- you can choose up to 5 frames to try at home for free. This way you have options to try on to ensure you chose the perfect pair. Their brand spanking new site is up and running and I already have my own pair of Duval’s (be jealous!).

I had the pleasure of working with MRKT and the Collins Bridge team on their photo shoot, packaging, and collateral. If you haven’t seen the photos from the shoot and the behind the scenes video I posted recently you should check it out.

Being packaging design aficionado, I really enjoyed creating a typographic pattern for the tube the frames are sent in . And what’s better than a sweet new pair of frames? Sweet new frames in nicely designed package ;)!

Collins Bridge Packaging Design

Me and my shiny new Duval’s

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