The Standard Miami : Let it all go

I recently took a little break from life and decided to go on a staycation. I was feeling overwhelmed and in dire need of mental de-cluttering so I impulsively booked a room at The Standard Hotel and Spa in Miami so I clear my head.

When I first arrived at The Standard I realized I couldn’t have chosen a better spa-resort. The entire property is totally zen-ed out- fully equipped with minimalist rooms, a stellar spa, and tons of wellness infused classes and workshops. My first impulse was to create a rigid schedule jam packed with yoga classes, spa sessions, and take a million photos for my blog. What ended up actually happening is a different story. I actually spent the entire staycation practicing the art of non-doing. Breathing, meditating, cloud watching, laying by the pool, watching the sun set, sleeping in, sipping on wine, jumping in the ocean, eating fresh fruits and veggies, melting into the hot marble hammam…That is it and that is all.¬†What was it not?- Phone calls, social media sharing, shopping, email checking, obsessive documenting. It was quiet and introspective and delicious. Exactly everything I needed.

Where do you go when you need to let it all go?

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