Earlier this month I took part in the Free Lunch show at MRKT’s studio in Wynwood for art walk. I created a man-eater buffet menu for Arlene’s Meat Market. Click on the bottom of this page to appreciate. Appreciation’s will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Communication Arts Typography Annual is on the stands and if you’re a type dork like myself you should probably pick one up if you haven’t already. Packed with a whopping 200 + pages of pure typographic eye candy, it is a great source if inspiration. Below are just a few of my favorite designs featured […]

TYPOGRAPHIC: Fantastic Vogue

Organizing my magazine collection today I ran into this Fantastic Vogue UK issue from December 2008. I remember seeing it at a friends house and having to have it. She let me keep it and I have loved it ever since. It really is fantastic. It has whimsically¬†designed and detailed type throughout the issue. We […]