Flower Bombs Video & Interview

I recently collaborated with an incredible group of individuals to create a video for my Flower Bombs project. Our team consisted of Murray Clement of Electroscope on video, Angel Acevedo on photography, and Diamari Torres and I as the Flower Bombers. We had a lot of fun collaborating on this and I am fascinated by […]

Style Geek: 10.10.11 HAPPY OCTOBER

Photos by Angel “DJ Soundwav” Acevedo Fall is finally here which in theory means I should be able to wear a quarter sleeve in Miami without melting… wishful thinking! Truth be told these were shot in June but I thought they’d make a great style post for October- my favorite month. The location was at […]

Style Geek: 9.1.11 | Black & White

For some time now I have been wanting to add some outfit shots for my Style Geek column which I had abandoned since my Boarding School Drop Out post a year ago! Just recently I have decided to change things up a bit and start featuring outfit shots for this column as well as fashion […]


Chap Pitman My Space Goes Blank with their new identity. Meet the New My Space. Jessica Hische guest posted last week on Friends of Type! Yes! Have you ever asked yourself the question: Should I focus on graphic design or business? Nubby gives us her thoughts. BORN NAKED handbag makeover challenge. (vai joanne faith) Made to […]


Photo by Christopher Kilkus. Angel A. Acevedo gives tips on creating Vintage & Light Leaks, a very popular trend in photographic style and blogs about the inspiring work of photographer Christopher Kilkus. Check out the submissions for the Behance : Mind Blowing Color Competition. Geek Chic on Fashion Served. I’m all about it. Let color […]