Summer time, Summer time baby

Summertime has finally arrived and just in time! To me summer represents sunshine, creativity, salty beach days, and endless possibilities. I created this summertime mood board. This is what I want my summer to look like. I have already started up my list of to do’s which include picnics, trips, and plenty of raw food. I will share the full list with you soon. I had an unforgettable New York summer last year and it’s going to be tough to beat! To kick off the season I entered a 30 day challenge at my yoga studio, Bikram Yoga Falls. I did crossfit last month which was intense but now it’s time to strengthen and unify  the mind, body & spirit. In New York they are also starting their summer with the all day yoga fest, Solstice in Times Square ! I wish I was there ! What a great way to spend the longest day of the year.

Check out my pinterest Summertime board for more inspiration. Whichever way you decide to spend your summer, make sure to be inspired, take chances, learn something new, read books, surround yourself with positive people, and enjoy the ride!

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