SUGAR & SPICE | 4.12.11

This year is flying by and I’m making the most of it! It’s already April and I’m preparing for my birthday next month which is always exciting. So far it has been an amazing year and I feel strongly that the choices I have made and the people I have surrounded myself with have made it this way. I’m excited for what is to come!

In the beginning of February I decided to go full on pescetarian.


Not eating chicken or red meat has forced me to open my diet to different nutritious choices of veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, and fish. I have almost completely cut out processed foods (except for my guilty pleasure-cheese-yum). Changing my diet has definitely changed my energy levels and improved my overall sense of well being. I highly recommend Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet to anyone looking to learn more about eating foods that are incredible for your body. The book is not about dieting in the traditional sense. Instead it’s about changing your eating habits permanently to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is delicious and has numerous health benefits and I have become obsessed with it. It contains 5 essential electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous. It is one of the best drinks you can have to hydrate and replenish your body after a workout. (Also great to drink to recover after a long night of vodka sodas-ehhem).  My favorite brands are Zico and Vita Coco. Click here to learn more about the many benefits of drinking this magical isotonic beverage.


For the month of March I signed up for a month of unlimited Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga Falls. It was extremely challenging both physically and mentally and I loved every minute of it. I wish the prices were not so steep but I have continued to practice yoga on my own regularly and am still on the search to find a yoga place that’s good for my mind, body, spirit, and wallet! I highly recommend yoga and to everyone because it’s such a great way to increase muscle tone, flexibility, and peace of mind.


My efforts at the gym have continued with rigorous strength training, running, and spinning sessions. Summer is around the corner and it’s already time to hit the beach here in Miami which is a great motivation and reminds me, it’s time for bikini shopping.


I have recently started using Lush Cosmetics products. Initially because of the packaging (of course) and because they make their products from fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well as essential oils. Their products are all handmade and are not tested on animals which is fantastic. And did I mention the cool packaging? Some of my favorite products are Ocean Salt scrub (above) and Coco Lotion, a lightweight lotion great for the hot sticky Miami weather. Smells and feels delicious.


Bath and Body Works line of aromatherapy products have also been rocking my world lately. Also very nice packaging and not tested on animals! They are fragranced with essential oils and other natural fragrances.

Summer Scent

My particular spring/summer favorite is Optimism which I still have but is unfortunately discontinued although I’m sure you can find it online. It smells of jasmine, tuberose, mate absolutes and uplifting oils. It smells like summer to me.


I spent last summer exploring and enjoying the streets of New York which was indescribably awesome. Getting sun in central park was a lot of fun but I’m excited to spend this summer by the ocean, in a new bikini, sipping coconut water and practicing yoga! My friends and I are also planning a trip to a not yet decided on tropical location which is always exciting. Check out Gala Darlings: 50 Things every girl needs this summer for a fun list of summer to do’s.

I hope everyone’s having a great year also. Work hard and don’t forget to have a good time!

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