SUGAR & SPICE | 2.3.11

2011 has been off to a great start for me. I’ve kept up most of my resolutions and made a couple of small changes which have made a huge positive difference in my life. So I thought I’d share some of the things that are making me happy.

Waking up early.

I never used to be up before 10am unless I had to. Since the beginning of this year I have been waking up between 6-8am everyday and it has made a huge difference in my productivity. I get more done in the quiet mornings and the best part is I have the rest of the day to workout, go to meetings, spend time with people that make me happy, etc.

Switching coffee for tea.

This was actually the first change I made at the end of 2010 and sort of had a domino effect which may have sparked all of the other positive changes I made. I was terribly addicted to coffee. I depended on it to wake up in the morning and to keep me running all day. Now I have green or white tea (sans sugar or any kind of sweetener) a couple of times a day and I feel so much more sane. The highs and lows of coffee had become a somewhat vicious cycle and I don’t miss it at all. I have saved a lot of money not going to Starbucks everyday by just making my own tea at home.

Spending more time outdoors.

I kind of  became a vampire in 2010, spending most of the day time indoors on my computer and only going out at night. Although the nocturnal life was fun, spending time in the sunshine is so important. I have been going to the beach, running in the park, having picnics and the energy of the sun simply feels amazing.


I read Kris Carr’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet(:Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark & Live Like You Mean it)¬†and it completely changed the way I think about food. I have been eating a much more clean diet overall and have recently started juicing. Juicing has an incredible alkalizing effect on the body and gives you so much energy. For now I have stared up a concoction of organic cucumber juice with romaine lettuce and a small orange. I plan on slowly working my way up to kale, spinach, and all that good green stuff.


I have been pretty active my whole life, going to the gym and exercising regularly. This year I have made it a point to work out everyday for a minimum of 45 minutes, resting only 1 day a week . No excuses. I have probably taken off 4 days in total this year. In the past I skipped workouts because “I didn’t have time” but waking up extra early keeps me from making that excuse. I usually workout in the morning so that I have more energy throughout the day. For now I have been mostly running, spinning, weight training, and doing pilates. I also want to find a good spot to do yoga soon.

Planning a get away.

Planning my trip to Cuba with my mom has been so much fun. There’s nothing more I like more that traveling to new places. I think it’s so important to take breaks from every day life and go somewhere new.

Re-designing my room.

I have been gathering inspiration for some of the changes I want to make in my room.

Surrounding myself with positivity.

In 2010 I went through several changes which served as a kind of  detoxification of some the people and things that were not bringing anything positive into my life. Lately however I have had so much positive energy around me and I love it.

Planning my own garden.

I am starting my own veggie garden in my yard. A friend of mine is growing one outside of her apartment and I thought it was so awesome that I decided to start my own. The thought of growing my own food and knowing what does and does not go into it excites me.

I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start as well! Till next time.

Peace, Love, and Vanity

6 Responses to “SUGAR & SPICE | 2.3.11”
  1. Angeliki says:

    Very well done with all your resolutions! Your post was very inspirational.

  2. wikigirl says:

    Loved this post! You won’t regret switching to green tea, promise :) I’ve been drinking green tea everyday for 10 years now and I couldn’t live without it. I can honestly say that I’ve only ever had a sip of coffee in my life and green tea is far better. Plus I love finding new green teas, my fav at the moment is japanese lime :)

    Definitely need to do more exercise though, I was so good last year with doing something 5 times a week and now I’ve slacked off :(

    • Arlene says:

      Wikigirl, I also love trying different kind of teas. Japanese lime sounds absolutely delicious! I’m going to have to try it.
      Very cool blog by the way. :)

  3. Dayana says:

    OMG kitty <3 your posts, hope you know i check on the regular :) this is very inspiring! you must come to our place more often, i must surround myself with your positiveness!


    • Arlene says:

      Thanks sugar. That makes me very happy! I love hanging out with you, Elly, and the kitty. And you spoil me with your healthy meals. I will go by soon. Love you.

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