A Tribute to Frida


Last week Diamari and I packed our bags ( in a flurry of pre-birthday spontaneity ) and headed to Brooklyn to meet up our friend Katherine Turner from Viva Vint. Kat’s boyfriends band, Toubab Krewe was touring there so the weekend promised to be full of music and thrift shopping (which it so awesomely was). We spent Cinco de Mayo in Williamsburg and Kat had planned a Frida Kahlo tribute hairstyle to rock that night. She used real flowers in her gorgeous blonde crown braid. I loved it so much I had to take some shots at the hotel before heading out to the Brooklyn Bowl for the festivities.

If you are a hair rookie like myself, check out this step by step dummy proof guide for easy braids styled by my go to hair guru & stylist Audra Billingsley from Sean Donaldson Salon.

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