A Tribute to Frida

  Last week Diamari and I packed our bags ( in a flurry of pre-birthday spontaneity ) and headed to Brooklyn to meet up our friend Katherine Turner from Viva Vint. Kat’s boyfriends band, Toubab Krewe was touring there so the weekend promised to be full of music and thrift shopping (which it so awesomely […]

Typographic | SVA

  I received this School of Visual Arts course catalog in the mail. Isn’t it a beautiful cover? I am particularly fond of the letter K ;)!

Makeup Trends | Tangerine Tango

By now you already know that tangerine is the color of the year…. Tangerine Tango that is. Dream team Sephora and Pantone Universe got together and said “Hey, we’re both really awesome, let’s have babies!”  and so the Sephora + Pantone Universe Beauty Collection was born… and beautiful it is indeed. I feel like it must […]

Espresso Shots | Spring Time

Spring is here and that means pretty flowers and birthday celebrations to come! Working in Wynwood means inspiration in every corner. When I’m running early to a yoga class at Green Monkey I sit, read, and enjoy this view. Not too shabby. Soaking up the sun. Got my new bike in the mail. Now I […]

Flower Bombs Video & Interview

I recently collaborated with an incredible group of individuals to create a video for my Flower Bombs project. Our team consisted of Murray Clement of Electroscope on video, Angel Acevedo on photography, and Diamari Torres and I as the Flower Bombers. We had a lot of fun collaborating on this and I am fascinated by […]


Here are a few photo’s I took during last months Art Basel. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new Canon 60D. Also take a look at some of my photos from Art Basel 2010.  Some of my favorite pieces were typographic (how unusual).  And I of course love me a good neon […]


“Through paint, energy, and creativity you’re sending out electricity and imagery that elevates.” Tony Goldman I’m so glad to be living in Miami during such an exciting time. The art scene here is definitely rising and Wynwood has become an outdoor museum which seems to be spreading out more and more. This inspiring series shows […]


These three short films were created by Rick Mereki (director and producer), Tim White (DOP, producer, editor) and Andrew Lees (actor). They travelled to 11 countries in 44 days to make Move, Eat, Learn. It is incredibly inspiring for us gypsy souls who yearn to travel and live a life full of exploration and adventure. […]

Summer time, Summer time baby

Summertime has finally arrived and just in time! To me summer represents sunshine, creativity, salty beach days, and endless possibilities. I created this summertime mood board. This is what I want my summer to look like. I have already started up my list of to do’s which include picnics, trips, and plenty of raw food. […]


Communication Arts Typography Annual is on the stands and if you’re a type dork like myself you should probably pick one up if you haven’t already. Packed with a whopping 200 + pages of pure typographic eye candy, it is a great source if inspiration. Below are just a few of my favorite designs featured […]