Photos by Angel Acevedo

Arlene Delgado is an art director & graphic designer based in Miami Beach. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Miami International University of Art and Design. When not designing for MRKT in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, you can find her on set doing makeup for fashion shoots, taking her own photos, or writing for her blog, Arlenetime.com. On her down time she enjoys drinking green juice, working out, reading a good book, & Flower Bombing. She also enjoys traveling to places she’s never been to and writing about herself in the third person.

Some things she enjoys, in no particular order, are: A cup of tea in the morning. Matcha Green or Yerba Mate. My love/hate relationship with coffee. Yoga & Bootcamp. The beach. Veggie omelets. Zen. Minimalism. Editorial Design. Beauty. Style. Typography. Red Lipstick. Fashion. Shoes. Digital Media. Illustration. Books. Blogging. Photographing anything and everything. The art of makeup. Traveling. Astrology. Black and White. Inspiration in unexpected places. Luxury lifestyle design. Shameless self promotion. Singing in the shower. Picnics under the sunshine. Running outdoors.  Meditation. Gotham & Bodoni.



Here are some of the columns I’ll be regularly posting on my blog:

A mixed compilation of resources, inspirations, and things I stumble upon.

Looks that influence my personal style.

Typography and letterforms that I find interesting.

Places I have been to or would love to explore. Interior spaces that I admire.

What makeup trends I am loving and some tricks of the trade.

Snap shots taken on the go.

…and everything nice. Things that make me happy.


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