For my first makeup tutorial I’ve decided to walk you through the elusive smokey eye. What is it about this seductive makeup style that brings teenage girls and women alike running to the MAC counter asking for the smokey eye? The answer to that is: It’s just damn sexy.

Smokey eye is a technique not a color. It can be done in many different colors. The name smokey eye simply refers to the smokey effect created using makeup by applying the heaviest color concentration on the lid at the lash line and getting lighter as you reach the brow bone. For many people trying this look on themselves may be intimidating. Fear no more beautiful people! I will walk you through some simple steps so you can smoke your eyes out fearlessly for a night out on the town.

Lets get started: BLACK SMOKEY EYE

  1. Use a shadow base or primer lightly to matte and even out the lid.
  2. Apply a kohl liner generously on the top and bottom lash line or all over the lid for a more dramatic effect. I suggest using MAC- Smolder (black kohl liner)
  3. Use a dark black or dark grey shadow on the lid blending the liner with the brush. Use this same shadow on your lower lash line to smoke out the liner.
  4. Use a neutral color- grey or I particularly love soft light browns with a hint of red- in the crease and blend with a windshield wiper motion. The 228 Mini shader brush from MAC is ideal for this.
  5. At this point you can leave the brow bone bare or ad a light shadow. Try to stay away from overly frosty shadows. Instead try a velvet or matte texture. MAC Vanilla, Shroom and Brule are great for this.
  6. Curl and add mascara to lashes and voila!

Remember to keep the look classy by wearing a light lip. I suggest a nude or light pink. Some of my favorites are from MAC (surprise surprise)- Myth (nude), Angel, Snob (pink). I’m wearing Angel in the picture above.

Artist tip: For a nude lip you can just brush a concealer over your lips lightly and wear a clear gloss over it.

Stay sexy,


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